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Dragon ball legends cheats for android

Dragon Ball Legends cheats hack 2018 Unlimited Crystals Cheat tool


Since we are such big fans of the whole Dragon ball franchise this latest cheat tool we created, it was really quite fun to make. But before we share our “Secret sauce” as we like to do it we are sharing our Dragon Ball Legends Cheats with the club first. But as usual if you want to skip our hard work…. then check out the tool at the bottom of the page. Enjoy! and we always love the shares and comments!


Dragon Ball Legends Cheats


Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Guide and Strategy tool


Dragon Ball Legends (DB Legends) is an awesome fighting game for mobile. It is created by Bandai Namco and of course features all favourite characters from the Dragon Ball Z Universe. You ill see some great character like Super aiyan Goku, Frieza and Vegeta oh and many, many more. This article is all you need to know about the awesome game that is Dragon Ball Legends. You will get the latest tips, tricks, cheats and strategies like what are the best characters.

Dragon Ball Legends is a fairly new game, but is already storming the play store and receiving download in the hundreds of thousands. Dragon ball Legends is for mobile devices and is made by the well known company Bandai Namco. To simply put it, it is a 3D online fighting game, you choose characters and battle against other players all across the globe in real time. That’s not all though, dbz legends also features a story mode for single player game play and even an event mode which allows you to obtain some great rewards. In this article we have tried to cover everything you might need to know to play Dragon Ball Legends and with our unique Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips and tools you should be able to easily win your battles.


Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, Tips, Strategy and Tools

Dragon Ball Legends

Before we begin:

1.) Rule Number 1, Don’t forget Rule Number 1 The Basic Principles behind the game.

Ok, this one is key it’s kind of a obvious rule, that you might not be aware of. We have kept this one away from our DBZ Legends cheats, because it isn’t exactly a Cheat just a “guide” really. So here we go.

In Dragon Ball Legends you have 1 main objective and that is to build the best fighting force you possibly can, without it your going to suck, simples right? Well not really, hence why we have created a character guide below. This guide will help you increase your characters power. You will start Dragon Ball Legends in Story mode, fairly simple stuff. This is because it is getting you ready for the world PVP! This is unlocked later on as well as even modes.

In PvP mode you will VS other players from all over the world and increase your rank for medals, PVP = Player VS Player. You can in turn use these medals to obtain souls. The more you progress and the higher your rank the harder it will get, can you become the best?

Now when you first play Dragon Ball Legends you will go through a quick tutorial on how to play the game, well if you skipped that, we can help you out by telling you all about souls, Z-ability,main-abilities, equipment, limit breaks and such. This is what our Dragon Ball Legends Guide and Dragon ball legends cheats, tricks and tips is for! So let us begin with our Dragon Ball Legends GUIDE!


Dragon Ball Legends Strategy Guide


All About Story Mode and how you can play like a legend

dragon ball legends cheats, tips, guide

As we mentioned before at hte beginning of DBZ Legends you will limited to playing story mode. This is basically to get you used to the game before engaging in pvp battles and such. Story mode is divided into chapters, once you complete chapters you wll be rewarded with crystals, Zeni, Z points, souls and other things.

Here is how to play:
Open the app, you will be now greeted with the main screen, now tap on the story icon then choose “select story” or “newest chapter”. This will begin the game. To repeat the story click on “select story” or to play a new chapter click on the “newest chapter”. Im sure you will get the hang of it! Still keeping up with these dragon ball legends cheats and cheat tool guide?


Now for some tips on how to play story mode.


Hold on, before you begin a chapter head over to the challenges tab, you never know there might be something waiting there for you. Challenges are great they give you free rewards so make sure you check them out.

Most importantly and you need to remember this when playing DBZ Legends. You will earn character EXP when playing the game. EXP is require to level your characters up. You will only get EXP for the characters in your team at the time you hit story mode. So make sure you have the characters you wish to level or else it will be a wasted run. You can change your party by going to the menu, characters, edit and then select the characters for your party. You can have a total of six characters at a time. What else is a good bonus is that you can create seen parties with different characters so you can pretty much plan every fight. Before you begin battle you can pick anyone of these 7 character layouts, so choose wisely.


Characters Guide


The Dragon Ball Legends Game features plenty of characters for you to choose from. It can be hard to keep track of them, this is why you can find the full complete list in the menu, characters, character list section. Browse them at your own leisure.


Character Elements:



These are the 4 main principle elements of the characters. You can find a characters battle style by clicking on them. There are a lot of different types of character but it’s worth while to point out the following Goku of course one of the most famous characters in the DBZ universe has 2 forms.

Goku (extreme); Melee
Super Saiyan Goku; ranged type

of course we know why… but yeah double check because you might be confused to begin with. You can take advantaged by choosing characters that are good against certain types, here is a break down:

Blue > Red
Red > Yellow
Yellow > Purple
Purple > Green
Green > Blue

So it’s worth while checking your enemies element and choosing the best characters accordingly. Head over to the characters selection hold down on the character to find out it’s element.


So how do you unlock character on Dragon Ball Legends


Well, just head over to the menu click on summon you can then chose single or consecutive. You will get character shards. You would be best clicking on consecutive if you can, more chance of you getting someone better.


Limit-Break and how to add stars to your characters in DB Legends Game


If you didn’t already know this ou can actually add stars to your character by using limit-break. It’s pretty simple just get a shed load of Z power and use a limit break on your chosen warrior. It is important to do this because it will in turn increase the power of your character. Stronger characters more chance of winning.


Friendship Level? Wait what now..


OK, bit odd but it works. You can earn what is known as friendship points for playing the game. These are used to teach characters special moves. I won’t spoil all the fun for you…


Soul Boosts


Want to increase the stats of your character? Well you will need souls! and plenty of them. There are different types of souls you can get red, yellow, blue, super and of course others. You will use these in turn to increase your characters stats. So make sure you obtain these souls when playing the game.


How does one obtain souls on Dragon Ball Legends game


Good question, just play story more, repeat the chapters to earn souls or if that’s no fun PVP! lots of PVP get lots of medals and trade them in.

Soul boost?

dragon ball legends hack tool

What is this?


Soul boost is where you can level up your stats. Click on character menu and choose soul boost. You will be greeted with the screen above. Tap on a boost and then hit ok. Spend souls and zeni to increase your character stats.

Here is a quick guide on what they all mean:

Health > Increase HP (health points
Strike attack > increase damage of strike
Blast attack > increase damage of blast
strike defence> reduce damage from strike
Blast defence > reduce damage from blast

Simples, go fiddle with your stats and see what works best for you.


Classing up in Dragon Ball Legends


You might have got there already or no where close but when you manage to unlock the ten tiles (health, strike etc) you will obtain the class up feature. “classing up” is where you character will get bonuses when you click on it. Your character must be level 300 in order to you benefit this dragon ball legends cheat, tip.

So now that you have the basics of DB legends why not check out our dragon ball legends cheats, tricks, strategy, tool guide below. We will teach you how to level up fast!


Dragon Ball Legends Cheat, Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


Dragon ball legends cheats for android


1.) Start Building the best party

Look lets face it the main object of dragon ball legends is to be the best at it. THe only way your going to achieve this is being bloody good! That means having the best team out there. So when you first launch the game get spending them crystlas and hope you summon some awesome fighters. Try consecutive summon should give you some nice characters. I got Super Saiyan goku using mine so it wasn’t too bad. Just make sure you focus on your main characters ignoer the others! Just remember that in pvp you can only select 3 characters to use so make sure you pick some good ones.

You need to get 6 characters to the best they can be and thus ignore the rest. Try to focus on characters that are extreme sparkinling.

Here is breakdown of what to do:

  • Summon characters and build the party of best characters
  • Start story mode and level-up your characters
  • Increase their stats using soul boost, equip them gears, class-up, limit-break
  • Unlock special moves, Z-ability[Upgrade it by limit-break]

It’s really that simple.

List of the best characters on Dragon Ball Legends


Super Saiyan Goku, Sparkling
Piccolo, Sparking
Pan, Sparking
Goku, Extreme
Mercenary Tao, Extreme
Tien, Extreme
Raditz, Extreme
Vegeta, Sparking
Nappa, Extreme
Shallot, Hero

It will take about a week to get all the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends just make sure your doing everything you can to get crystals because the hard part is maxing your characters out.

Some quick tips and advice on the best characters you can get!

Try to test soe of these our Pan (sp), Super Saiyan Goku, Vegeta(sparkling), Raditz (Extreme) and Piccolo (sparkling) You will thank me later.

Here is my current setup

Super Saiyan Goku(SP)
Raditz(Extreme) or Goku(Extreme)

Just Remember to reach level 300 as soon as possible and then show your skills in PvP.

2.) How to Level up the quickest Dragon Ball Legends Game

It’s simple really follow these quick tips and you will be levling up in no time.

Train your characters, yup that’s all there is to it. Go to the menu and click on train and then EXP training or limited time traning, then select the characeter and away you go.

You can also repeat sotry mode that will work. But just remember in order for you players to train they need training materila this is obtained by your characrers going out to adventure, doing this the wil bring back training material. Best tip would be to send out the characerrs you don’t use!

3.) Don’t forget the Risng Rush and Main abilities

The most powerful attack in your asernal in dragon ball legends is your Rising rush attack. Use this when you can to get a bonus advantage. Best used in pvp early!

4.) Dragon Ball Legedns Cheats Break rising rush

So your aware of rising rush now and how awesome it is, so you know it can alos k.o your characters too so it is something your going t want to avoid. The easiest way to do this is to swipe left or riht to dodge the attack. The more practice ou get he better you will become.

5.) PVP cheats, tips and tools

Pvp is the main mode in Dragon Ball Legends it’s the reason why so many play it. Here you can fight against players all over the world! In order to beat them your going to need our Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips, tools and strat guide.

Here is a quick list on what to do:

Get your characters to level 300 and choose the best ones!

You can only select 3 characters so make sure they are good.

Ensure you land the first strike

You can stun your opponent doing this to ensure a win! So it’s important that you learn how to do this.
Choose blast card before your oponent
Dodge and then use cards

Swipe left/right at the beginning fo the game in the hope you will dodge their first strike.
If you get successful in striking first, then tap on your all cards to perform combos.

Activate Rising Rush, but use at the right time
Use Main Ability

Restore Ki-Gauge/Mana

Ki-Gauge/Mana, cost of an art card restores automatically. Without it, you can not use cards. To restore it fast, hold down on the screen. Remember to use these dragon ball legend cheats wisely.

6.) Quick cheats, tips and hints for Dragon ball legends players

Quick summary as to what’s going on here

Don’t over develop your characters you need to max out 6 for the game and 3 for pvp!
Complete mission to raise your player level
Max stats for your best characters using souls
Level-up characters fast by sending them on training sessions
Send characters on adventures to obtain training tickets and Zeni
Win plenty of PVP medals to purchase souls!
Class-Up your character
Summon daily and you could obtain character shards/Z-power. Z-Power is required to limit-break a character
Repeat story mode chapters to earn EXP

So here we have it all of the Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips you need for a beginner, but wait there is more


db legends game cheats


Dragon Ball Legends Cheat tool


Since you are part of the android game cheats club we offer our fans cahcne to use our unique cheat tools. Every cheat page has one. If it doesn’t we are working on one! So if your still stuck after all of the cheats, tips and guides we have given you for the dragon ball legends game then maybe just maybe the cheat tool might be your hope. So if you really want to try out ur dragon ball legednds cheat tool then check it out below:


dragon ball legends cheat tool


We hope you have enjoyed our latest dragon ball legends cheats, tips, strategies and guide. Please remember to share our page with your friends! Fan of our Dragon ball legends cheats? Then why not check our our cheats section!








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