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Bleach brave souls cheats


With the launch of our Android game cheats club we have decided to share some of our older game cheat tools with you guys, so you can have some understanding of how we operate. Today we are sharing with you one of our more popular game cheat tools. This is for the game Black Brave Souls, yes we are aware of the age of the game, but it’s so damn popular it would be a shame not to feature this awesome game on our site. So let’s begin with our bleach brave souls cheats for android.

Here at android game cheats, we don’t just share our tools and exploits, we also give you game cheats that you can take away and use immediately. Why? you may ask, well it’s fair game then, anyone and everyone can then benefit from our site. Of course, if there are no game cheats available for said game then we will just be sharing our tools. But here at android game cheats club we are trying hard to help everyone in the community. Let’s face it some people just don’t want bleach brave soul hacks or cheats, they just want some tips and tricks. So let us begin with those, If you don’t want them you can skim ahead.


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Bleach Brave Souls Cheats for Android

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1. Obtain 3 star ratings on every stage

It’s pretty simple stuff. Each stage has a 3-star rating. The more stars you get the more spirit orbs you receive. Some star ratings are harder to get than other, so finish the easy ones off first.


2. Learn to dodge roll

Master the dodge roll, why? Because if you do you can obtain them 3-star ratings by not getting hit! Just time it right, get the hang of it when dealing with easier enemies.


3. Complete all of your orders its pointless otherwise

Orders are a motivation to play the game, they are given on occasions, day by day or even weekly. Just make sure you finish them before the time runs out or you won’t be getting the lovely spirit orbs.


4. Exploit your enemies weakness

Each Character on Bleach Brave Souls has a special type, so you’re going to want to beat them using their weaknesses, here is a quick breakdown:

Purple and Orange Elements beat each other, Blue Elements beat Red, Red elements beat green elements, green elements beat blue.

You can see the enemies you are going to vs on the review screen before you fight, so pick your fighters that are good against these enemies. This is one way to guarantee a 3 star rating.


5. Learn to use the soul tree


Learn it, simple!


6. Spirit orbs are like gold, don’t waste them

I get it, your eager to open them. Aint we all? Trust me though you will wish you hadn’t later down the line. If you are using a bleach brave souls cheat tool then your fine to burn them. But if not save them for later!


7. Get rid of characters you don’t want through augmentation


Every once in a while you will get characters that you won’t have any desire to utilize.  Augment them. This will allow you players to level up quicker.


8. Login Daily you will regret it if you don’t

Just like all mobile games you are rewarded for simple tasks. One of the tasks you can benefit from most is logging in daily. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take much time. Even if you are not going to play bleach brave souls today, just login for 5 minutes for your goodies!


That is all for our bleach brave souls cheats, simple tips and tricks t help you with the game. Now if you want an unlimited supply of orbs you will need to try out our bleach brave souls hack tool generator. So please do read on if this is something of interet to you.


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Bleach Brave Souls Cheat Tool for Android Online

This is our Online Bleach Brave Souls Generator tool


So, welcome to the club. We have created our very own bleach brave souls generator to help you guys out. This is one of the old cheat tools that we created over 2 years ago! Strange that the game is still quite popular right? We also did the same for DBZ Dokkan battle, that was fun. This is the great thing about our community we are always creating game cheats and sharing old ones so that everyone can enjoy a great cheat community.

So if you came here for the latest blech brave souls cheats, then you came to the right place. With our online cheat hack tool you can generate soul orbs in no time. This will help you out in the long run as you don’t need to worry about wasting them. So check out our bleach brave souls cheats now!


You can check out our Youtube Video Below


We do hope you enjoy using our bleach brave souls hack cheat tool for android device. Please note this is an online generator so you must be connected to the internet whilst performing this hack. So sit back and enjoy and let our online generator do all the hard work for you!


bleach brave souls cheat tool



We hope you enjoy our “Bleach Brave Souls Cheat Tool” Please remember to use all of our tools responsibly and allows follow the club rules of “sharing is caring”. We appreciate your support in growing our cheats community.

Kind regards, Admin.

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